Column Boxes & Push-Pull Props

Column box shutters are specifically designed to withstand the higher pressure associated with the vibration of concrete in a confined space.

There are basically three types of columns boxes, A-Type, C-Type and Circular boxes. Corner Chamfers can be built into the shutter.


Circular Column Side

All Column Box Sides come standard with lifting rings and prop stays.

A-Type Column Side

C-Type Column Side

Push-Pull Props

Bull Nose / Oblong Column Box

Consists of 2x A-Type Small Sides and a Circular Column Box.

PMI Wedge

Used in normal applications. Form Bolt used in high stress applications where additional strength is required.

Mushroom Head Column Box

Can be Circular, Square or Rectangular and bolted on top of a standard  Column Box.

Column Box Camber Wheel

Is used in hard-to-reach places where a column box needs to be lifted and moved without the use of a crane.