Infrastructure is the backbone of any economy, and concrete is used extensively in infrastructure development. Staluform focusses on designing and manufacturing formwork for concrete that not only serves a structural purpose, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

Civil Formwork

With our design expertise and the variability of civil structure design, we can cater for all civil formwork needs. Bridges are one of the most concrete intensive structures in the civil formwork spheres. Staluform have solutions for every concrete item on a bridge. Solutions can be provided in the form of in-situ shutters or pre-cast shutters. The same can be said for water treatment plants.


  • Piers
  • Pre-cast beams
  • Parapets and barriers


  • Culverts
  • Pipes
  • Roadforms

Wind Turbines

  • Turbine base

Reservoirs and Water Management

  • Water towers
  • Tanks
  • Launders

Building Formwork

Buildings consist of many concrete elements which can be split mainly into vertical, such as walls and columns, and horizontal, such as decks and beams. Many of the vertical elements are also used for aesthetic appearance in conjunction with structural support. Shutter quality and finish is thus a very important factor when designing and manufacturing these shutters.

Vertical Formwork

  • Columns
  • Shear Walls

Slab Formwork

  • Slab shutters
  • Slab support


  • In-situ
  • Pre-cast

Lift Shaft

  • Climbing bracket